• Buffalo mac cheese
  • Wing Platter with Buffalo and BBQ Sauce
  • Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries

About us

About us

The Mac House is a family owned, local restaurant that specializes in gourmet mac & cheese but we also make great grilled cheese, fresh salads, the best soups, and house made cheesecake! We opened in 2016 and our owners, Heidi, Tara, and Dave, are here every day making sure our food exceeds our expectations. We have 3 kids who basically grew up in the restaurant and somehow still love mac and cheese. We have a lot of great options, even for your picky eaters and adults who aren't that into mac & cheese (gasp!).

We look forward to meeting you and feel free to say hi!

As long time residents of Wake Forest, we are invested in the support of the local economy. The Mac House showcases local ingredients, allowing the menu to evolve with the seasons. North Carolina poultry, beef, and pork are highlighted as well as local dairy products and honey.

The Mac House was born in the kitchen of our house. When you have a husband and three kids obsessed with mac and cheese, you have to get creative. Soon enough there were enough recipes to fill a mac and cheese cook book. It turned out to be a perfect fit. We had the recipes, the restaurant experience, and customer service history. After over a year of planning, we are proud to serve the area with fresh food, prepared without artificial flavors or fillers, using organic whenever possible.

Our goal is to bring our neighborhood high quality food, in a fun, family friendly atmosphere. We hope to see you soon!